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So where do 50 year old guys go with $40K in keyboards, Im already sure the business is totally lost.

Buy a boat in Seattle and make pizza?
lol.. that's pretty funny!

If I were you I'd extract myself from that business as soon as possible. It's nice to be a good person and try to help the other fella out, but you're no good to him if you're getting dragged down with him. If you can't do without alcohol it's time to quit that posthaste.

While dealing with all of this you could maybe try exercise as a new 'drug'. Once you get into it you get a different high, and if you pick the type that's right for you it's also a great distraction. And you'll likely sleep better etc.

Either way, get off the sauce if you're voicing this concern. And get out of the business relationship as best you can.

PS: "After making a 5 coerce (Vegan dinner)"
lol... & "true"...