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Here for the gear

Apologies for any confusion there guys, I should have been clearer.

Basically it is rock/metal but with symphonic/cinematic orchestra added - the band is based on bands like Alter Bridge, Evergrey, and Pain of Salvation, but myself (vocalist/ex-guitarist) and the drummer are big Blind Guardian, Kamelot, etc fans. My old band was Damnation Angels too (I did the first EP). Basically it covers everything from stuff you would hear on the radio to djenty/prog stuff to quite symphonic stuff, but keeping the same core (like that makes any sense ), some with a lot of orchestra, some with a little, but it all sounds like 'us' (you need to find something different and all that)

I have added demo files of 2 of the more orchestral tracks to better give you an idea - the orchestral stuff is a combination of Rhapsody Colours mixed with Orchestral Companion and various freebies (Red Rooms, Spitfire Labs, VSCO2, etc.)

Again, I do really appreciate your time and advice with this. I'm leaning on going for the HO and getting the Spitfire stuff once all modules have been released. We are in the studio again in the new year to rerecord a lot of stuff after a lineup change, so have time to decide on that.
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