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Old 2nd December 2019
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Alcohol no longer working for problems.

Never seen this coming,

Im dealing with a business partner who developed overnight schizophrenia and Dementia,

IV been using alcohol and drugs to mask the drama and well now the darn alcohol is making me sick every day.
Just fuk,

Today I was going to try a juice fast by my friend got in an argument with the laundry pile and so I started drinking, a little.

I have no mental illness or alcoholism but its becoming a crutch that I cant live with and cant live with it either. The worst thing is when talking to a crazy person it tends to unravel my brain until im near mental.

After making a 5 coerce (Vegan dinner) for thanksgiving last night my friend got dressed and put his coat on and took his keys and said thanks for a great dinner, he went outside then came back in after wondering around and he thought he drove home and asked how my day was.

Hell this is the moan zone I dont have anyplace else to vent this other then the whiskey bar,