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Only on headphones on a iPad soundcard, so my opinion isn’t worth a pinch of poo, and would differ radically if I was on monitors in a treated room.
But I’ll still take a wild punt regardless...........

Actually liked C the most as the bass retained its groove/ swing as per the original. Maybe a tad smeared in the transients and a bit soft in the high hat, but it’s all about the bass for me personally, and not screwing with the tone of the original track.
Then liked D next. A bit more harder edge on the bass and hats, but still grooving with Authority.
Then liked B. A bit flubby on the bass but clear high hat.
Then liked A which had a stiffer bass but quite clear in the highs.
Then F. Not as deep on the kick, bass slightly rolled off, more about the mids/ highs.
Then G which had more presence but not that much edge to the sound.
Then E, which sounded a bit clipped in the bass, soft hats, recessed mids.
Can you pm the results to me and I promise to keep them to myself. Cheers for the effort in organising the shootout.