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Pensado EQ shootout vs Crave, Magpha, FabFilter and more!

Acustica Audio has teamed with renowned engineer Dave Pensado and created a custom Pensado EQ.

Inspired by the Sontec 432 eq shootout created by @ b0se I decided to do a shootout against the new Pensado EQ.

I pitted Pensado EQ up against Crave, EQuilibrium, FabFilter Pro-Q3, Magpha, Ozone 9 EQ and ToneBoosters Equalizer v4.

Track used: the 'POM' clip from the @ b0se 432 shootout.

Pensado EQ was boosted +5dB at 9.8k and all curves were closely matched in Plugin Doctor. Files processed/bounced at 24/44.1.

Other notes: Crave was set to analog mode, EQuilibrium to FIR/Analogue/9192; FFQ3 to natural phase.

I would post fancy charts from Plugin Doctor to show the curve precision but unfortunately I'm not well versed in PD yet; I could only get 2 plugins to load at a time and was unable to get the colored curves to match the colored keys on the chart (NB: I don't RTFM so any recommendations are appreciated).

NB II: A- B-C-D-E-F-G files were level matched to within -.1 dBFS / -.1 LUFS

The shootout files are here:

Pensado EQ shootout files

Have fun and post your preferences/dislikes to PM me for results. Don't forget this is all for fun to make the sluttiest music possible.

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