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Old 30th November 2019
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Audient id22 routing for mix down outboard compressor???

Hello all!

Hopefully a couple of you id22 users can help me out here.

I just bought an id22 and I want to use it in conjunction with an outboard compressor for stereo mix down of my mixes; all while monitoring the compressed signal in real-time.

I'm unable to do this correctly using both Pro Tools and the id22 software mixer.....

It seems like a pretty simple process on the outset to accomplish, but no luck. I'll try to explain as plainly as I can:

I want to send my mix out the 1-2 outputs from Pro Tools (which would correspond to the 1-2 outputs on the id22) to my outboard stereo compressor. Then, I want to record/input monitor the compressed signal back into the id22 using the insert returns to bypass the id22 preamps. I want to be able to monitor the compressed signal on my speakers in real-time so I can make decisions on the compression. To do this, I would think I would set the output of the compressed track that I just recorded/input monitored back into Pro Tools to the 3-4 output (corresponding to the 3-4 output on the id22), which are connected to my monitor speakers.

I've got the routing correct for the hardware, and it seems I have my routing correct in ProTools and the Audient mixer software, but I'm not able to monitor the compressed signal at all on my speakers.

Issues: I get signal into the outboard compressor, and am able to record the output of the compressor back into protools, but there is a feedback loop in the signal.

Additionally; does the id22 not allow for the 4 TRS outputs to send signal simultaneously? When I switch to the 3-4 outputs of the of id22 (which are connected directly to my monitors), it cuts the signal being sent to the 1-2 outputs so no signal enters into my outboard compressor.....

Is what I want to do even possible with the id22???

Or do I have my internal routing in either protools or the Audient software incorrect?