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Old 29th November 2019
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Spitfire Audio Epic Series (Albion I) vs EW Hollywood Orchestra Silver

I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but looking for some opinions.

I am currently looking for a full orchestral package as only have Impact Soundworks Rhapsody at present and I received an email showing that AudioDeluxe are doing EW Hollywood Orchestra Silver for $99 (£76) over the Black weekend . I was looking at getting the Spitfire Epic Strings and series (which is an Albion I rework & reskin) which will be £116 for all 4 parts.

I have very limited funds, and at present am only looking at scoring against hard rock/metal material, so wondering if either is better than the next? Would it be worth getting both or do they cover similar ground? Any advice would be very much appreciated.