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Base for the new DAW is a Dell XPS8930 (Costco version of the 8920 mostly) - it has onboard graphics PLUS the "dreaded" Nvidia add-on (GTX 1050Ti, 4 GB) - I'm aware of some problems with those cards and some drivers, and if necessary I'll replace it with a less problematic card.
This may help...

The Dell is running Win10 Pro on an Intel Core i7-7700, 3.6 GHz; I've been following the discussion on the "perfect daw version" for awhile now. Still need to do more homework on minimizing MicroSlop's interference/updating crap.
You may like the Windows Update Manager

Some tweaks for the DAW machine:

1- Disable BIOS C-state
2- Set all CPU CORES to the same speed (If your CPU/motherboard permits)
3- Disable CORE parking
4- Set Windows Power Plan to ULTIMATE

Some stuff I use:

The best file manager: (FREE)

Lots and lots of Windows 10 stuff/information

The best bootable USB with lots and lots of tools like Macrium Reflect
Macrium Reflect is perfect for creating a System Image.