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To put this in perspective.....

That's significantly more expensive for one plugin than the cost per month of Slate's All Access Pass, which is every product in their portfolio (approx 60 plugins + extras). Their Black Friday deal for that works out to $10.75 per month. I realize the former is rent to own and the latter is ongoing, but regardless, there is a dramatic contrast. You could basically rent 60 plugins for 3 years for roughly the price of this one plugin.

FYI I only own 2 Slate plugins, so please don't mistake this as me schilling for Slate - just using this as a comparative reference point re Apogee's pricing.
I would agree, sort of... BUT... for those of us (at least in the US) that do this professionally, monthly subscriptions are a helluva lot sexier come tax time versus buying SW.

And, it’s not apples to oranges as you describe it anyway... slate (of whom I am a Happy subscriber) is strictly a rental deal... the apogee is a rent to own with, like, a two dollar service fee.

If this was a rental for $15 a month and you never got a forever license... I dunno, if I dig it it doesn’t make a difference to me if I own a license in two years or not...