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The plugin has only just been released. It would be a real kick in the knackers to those of us who just bought it if Apogee now discounted it. Sometimes a company gets more respect when it okay a fair.
It is a matter of economic supply and demand, much less so
about fairness. Some people will
never buy it at full price and are willing to wait for sales, possibly indefinitely
and especially if an equal value replacement product materializes.

Apogee stills wants their money though because
software and has near zero marginal production and selling costs.

If Apogee does not offer a discount then it will lose the revenue from
this class of potential customers. Other customers who can afford it
right away at this price point, Apogee wants to make sure will not take advantage of the sales period which would be lost revenue for the company.

And of course there is the reputation and good faith issues
surrounding broken promises which in the long run surely translate to
lost revenue via loss of repeat buys, loss of upselling, poor word of mouth marketing, etc.