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OK, since there's only one person on the planet that's using MOTU hardware with samplitude I have another question regarding

How to get the best version/build of Win10 if you already have win10 Pro, but on an OEM machine (the Dell I referred to above) - it sounds like you need to be in the "insiders club", but I've not seen anyone spell this out - as in, how/where/what, etc - including links, specific version/build (sounds like so far this would be 1903, KB4505903?

I don't recall which version my machine has in it (other than it's NOT 1903), hasn't been powered up in a few months (Life is the crap that happens to ya while yer busy makin' plans)

Basically I want to get this machine set up and then NOT CHANGED once it's working, for as long as Microsoft can stand not screwing things up that're actually WORKING -

Been away from most of this stuff since I stopped moderating @ John Sayers' site several years ago, appreciate getting a "leg up" on more recent things.. Steve
If the machine is dedicated to DAW use only, and you don't use it for browsing the web, doing your banking, or other potentially exploitable activities, then you can disable updates.

As for which version: if you plan to lock down for a while, just install the latest: 1909. You'll have more variability with the video and other drivers you pick.

Because you are on Pro and not Home:
Group Policy Editor -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Configure Automatic Updates -> (set to disabled)

If the status for this policy is set to Disabled, any updates that are available on Windows Update must be downloaded and installed manually. To do this, search for Windows Update using Start.

Keep in mind that when a system component bug or exploit is found, you won't get it patched. So use the machine for your DAW and that's it.

Additionally, when we do things like update the MIDI stack, you won't automatically get that, so you just need to be ok with that, or ok with doing a pile of manual updates later (which may involve a reinstall if you are too far behind).

Edit: You don't want to be an Insider here. Insiders get new OS builds every week or so, depending on the release you're on. You get the latest build on your PC by checking for updates. Note that an OEM license can't be transferred to another machine.

Manual downlaods: