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OK, since there's only one person on the planet that's using MOTU hardware with samplitude I have another question regarding

How to get the best version/build of Win10 if you already have win10 Pro, but on an OEM machine (the Dell I referred to above) - it sounds like you need to be in the "insiders club", but I've not seen anyone spell this out - as in, how/where/what, etc - including links, specific version/build (sounds like so far this would be 1903, KB4505903?

I don't recall which version my machine has in it (other than it's NOT 1903), hasn't been powered up in a few months (Life is the crap that happens to ya while yer busy makin' plans)

Basically I want to get this machine set up and then NOT CHANGED once it's working, for as long as Microsoft can stand not screwing things up that're actually WORKING -

Been away from most of this stuff since I stopped moderating @ John Sayers' site several years ago, appreciate getting a "leg up" on more recent things.. Steve

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