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Originally Posted by David Ray View Post
With respect to the fact that “sound better” is 100% subjective...

Yes. Yes it will sound $300 better.

Also: Acustica becoming more expensive is a really weird claim... they’ve had massive sales, and more and more people have loyalty coupons.

Mine is 55% off.

Imagine the price I would have paid for Gold 3 on presale... shockingly low.

And I say “would have” paid because it was free... because I had Gold 2.

Having purchased AA for a few years, this was actually the least I’ve paid for their releases this year.

I am eager to try the PensadoEQ and very curious (even skeptical) that it will be considerably better than the ones already released.

But to think it could be fairly compared to Waves Ren is unlikely in my opinion. And the idea that prices are increasing is hard to see being substantiated.

My .02
What are you talking about?! Their standalone prices have always been high and just seem to be rising, especially with the “celebrity” branded stuff

It’s easy to substantiate... the price is listed on the website. There’s no fine print that says buy lots from us so that this time next year you’ll get 55% off whatever $300 plugin we drop then

$300 for a name grab is ridiculous...I thought the Greg wells plugin was a tad expensive when it dropped, but, I see now that it was just a testing of the waters

The next nebula celebrity plugin will be $400