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i was recording for a while today, several vocals, sax and then more vocals... everything worked great, love to hear the plugs while i record, modEQ(for high pass) -> ModComp (leveler mode, soft knee 4:1, default attack/release) -> Pultec EQ (boost 7db at 16K wide, and cut at 3db at 20k) -> Opto3A for peek control.

Everything worked great for a while, then my system began to get sluggish, im running a MBP 15 retina 2015 thunderbolt to ensemble and then to a 4k monitor, video was kinda freezing for a while and weird stuff like that.. after finishing the session, screen still was sluggish in other programs, safari, mail, etc... i'll do more testing tomorrow
I've tested with acoustic guitar last night. The first impressions are very good; The MEQ-5 (trial mode) seems promising. I usually have a problem recording my electric bass: it's not reproduced well on cheaper earphones. EarPods usually do pretty well in this sense. Perhaps MEQ-5 can do something to me in this regard.

I'd like to use FX Rack plugins with output channels on Apogee Control, but I think this is not possible without some re-amp technique involved (and this means a risk of feedback and impedance mismatch... not the best solution). Other thing in which I've seen Apogee Control is not so transparent is when you change sample rate (both on Logic and on Apogee Control)... it appearantly loses plugin links, showing 0% DSP usage. Ok, changing sample rate during a session is not a must-have thing, but would be nice if it had this tolerance too.

DSP usage looks low with the entire set of FX Rack plugins (less than 15% perhaps?) on my Element 46, so it seems that you can stack a lot of plugin instances before it becomes saturated, which is pretty nice.