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Synth lovers have been begging Roland, Yamaha and Korg for decades to reissue classic analog synths from the past...the answer.......crickets.
There is a conspiracy that there was an embargo on production of affordable classic analogue poly synthesizers to curb creation of evil music. With time, the number of working synthesizers would have reduced to such amount where only elites could indulge themselves in sculpting electricity.
It was okay to produce digital synths though, as that doesn't sound the same as voltage shaped by analogue circuits (certain parts of brain don't get stimulated).
But since a week or so ago (the famous Model D vs Diva thread) everything changed. Turns out, brain can be "fooled" and the whole master plan of the elites is in tatters. It's now okay to do cheap classic analogue poly synths.
The second take is that if everyone gets to have a classic analogue poly synthesizer, it will become a fad.
I wonder what is going to get an embargo next...