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In a mastering context I compared my standard BAD4 input (same circuit as B2 ADC sans attenuator) vs the BAD4M with no jumpers set. My BAD4M has one pair of BOPA14 op amps and one pair of BOPA11.

BAD4M/BX1 sounds fairly close to the BAD4 with a similar bottom end, slightly less of the BAD4's full low mid roundness, but crisper highs. More snap in the snare, more sibilance. Different transformer sound, but very nice. I believe this is the same sound as the BAD8 which I have never heard.

BAD4M/BOPA11 sounds tight/punchy in the lows but obviously less power down there than BX1. Crispy highs and relatively scooped mids.

BAD4M/BOPA14 sounds similar to BOPA11 but with a little more of a midrange focus and a little less top end. Still plenty of clarity and nice balance. 'Liking this a lot.

All of these sound fantastic in different ways.

I noticed that every time I switched to either of the transformer options (BAD4M/BX1 or BAD4) I automatically wanted to move to the music more than with either of the op amp options. They've got "groove factor". The width/depth is nicer. They are my initial favorites. Though there's nothing I can criticize about the op amp options, they sound fantastic. I bet for different genres different options might win out.

BAD4M/BX1 seems like a really great overall sound because it has the groove factor and more clarity in the highs than the BAD4. But the BAD4 is such a badass in the mids, and it's smoothness in the highs is so un-fatiguing...

I think a lot of people will prefer the op amp flavors for various reasons. It'll depend on the application and their tastes. Some people are high frequency focused and the crisper the better for them. To me it's the mids and lows where the emotion is in music...

Having all these awesome options at my fingertips is really nice. And of course the attenuators!

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