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It wouldn't make sense to file a trademark for a name unless the old one had expired.
It isn't Behringer's fault if Korg no longer cared about the term.

Behringer is making synths based on vintage and classic synths from decades ago.
Synth lovers have been begging Roland, Yamaha and Korg for decades to reissue classic analog synths from the past...the answer.......crickets.

I don't fault Behringer for recognizing the demand, and the big 3 have no one to blame but themselves.

Analog synthesizers were a niche market and all but boutique creators were the only ones left carrying the torch.
We have Dave Smith to thank for the resurrection of analog products on a large production basis in my opinion.
He took a chance, while the Big 3 sat on the sideline. Dave had more to lose financially and it was a risk, but he gave us the Prophet 08 and it was a big success.

The big 3 had more resources but still chose not to enter the analog market. The way they approached demand for analog reissues and their response bordered on arrogance towards those who kept asking for analog.
So if it's true they allowed their trademark to expire and didn't check first, bad on them. And I'm a Korg lover.