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The answer is you really don't. The reality is that there's not even really such a thing as non-profit streaming. Pretty much all streaming now generates money; it's just whether or not people bother to collect on it (and unless it's a LOT of streaming, you are talking about a couple bucks worth or disappointment). This is kind of the joke of these beat licenses with these ridiculous restrictions. The reality is what ARE you going to do if you have a limit of 5000 streams (which is nothing - most people use a 100:1 ratio of streams to sales so that's like 50 copies sold) and you see someone on Spotify has 10,000 streams of your song??? Are you going to rescind the license? How are you going to get them to comply? Are you going to somehow get Spotify to take it down? The reality is that unless they are doing millions and millions of streams there's really no point in doing anything about it. This is why, as someone else said, you are relying on the "honor system."