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Here for the gear

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Option #1 :

Split your accordion signal between amp and PA. If you're using a mic on a stand or a built-in unit with XLR out then and ART pro split will give you transformer isolated separation (a good thing) and independent control.

Mute the channel you're not using.

Option #2

A small sub-mixer for your channels, aux to amp, L/R to main mixer with guitar/accordion panned hard L/R.

[Edit] these suggestions are dependent on how much you rely on EQ to get an acceptable sound and the type of gigs you're playing. I have done sound tech at gigs where folks turn up with very creative solutions for small gigs that do not scale up without issues.
Option #1 REPLY: I could split one or both instruments between the PA and amp but then my instrument wouldn't have any of the conditioning from my amp. It would but just a dry D.I. mix to the PA.

Option #2 REPLY: A sub mixer would still exclude my amps conditioning or eliminate the main boards mixing control for either instruments.

Option #3 seems fine but the D.I. is pre E.Q. so that would be the same as Option one's reply.

I've written this out a bunch and am considering it impossible. Seems so simple but without an amp with independent post E.Q. D.I.'s the guys at Laney headquarters might be right "you'll need to buy two amps!" Direct quote! haha