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Old 26th November 2019
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Guitar Amps as Monitors fed from the PA

Hi all,
Please let me know if this is possible; I'd like to run my guitar amp as a monitor but not only for myself but also from the mixing board. My accordion player runs into the PA board and out to the monitors. I use my own amp as a monitor for myself but would like to feed the accordion into my monitor. So, I'm plugged into my amp, the D.I. from my amp goes to the PA. I'd like to run the output PA monitor into my second input of my amp. Is that possible without frying my amp? Also, I thought that because I'm running my amp's signal out to the PA, if I plug the PA into my amp it'll create a feedback loop. If this isn't possible could anyone suggest how to configure this? Thank you

I'd be fine with running a D.I. to the PA between my guitar and amp to illuminate the feed back loop.

Seriously, that was as simple as I could word it!