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Samplitude x4 vs MOTU AVB hardware

Hey slutz, long time no post - I keep getting emails for the $149 upgrade (been using Samplitude since it was a Sek'D product, last version used was Producer 2496 V6 on an XP laptop

The current upgrade offer expires 12/1/19, no way of knowing how many more will be forthcoming.

I've been putting together the components for a new DAW, and already bought a MOTU 8pre-es and a 24i (looking to do up to 32 inputs from several tone modules/keyboards/guitar and bass processors, etc, so that my only "cable swapping" is with a mouse.

So far I haven't found much real life experience on using Samplitude with MOTU hardware, so ANY actual user input is welcome.

(Highlighted because this is the ACTUAL QUESTION - the rest is just background, but since I'm an admitted "information *****", anything that seems pertinent to the subject is entirely welcome :=)

Base for the new DAW is a Dell XPS8920 (Costco version of the 8930 mostly) - it has onboard graphics PLUS the "dreaded" Nvidia add-on (GTX 1050Ti, 4 GB) - I'm aware of some problems with those cards and some drivers, and if necessary I'll replace it with a less problematic card.

I'm running 2 Samsung UHD monitors AND a smaller Visio TV on it at present, using the HDMI and Display ports on the NVidia card for the Samsungs, and the onboard HDMI for the little Visio (NOT "married" to the Visio necessarily, but could find a use for the extra real estate)

The Dell is running Win10 Pro on an Intel Core i7-7700, 3.6 GHz; I've been following the discussion on the "perfect daw version" for awhile now. Still need to do more homework on minimizing MicroSlop's interference/updating crap.

I've already upgraded the ram from 16 to 32 gigs and intend to add a couple SSD's, using one of the ssd's for recording. The other will most likely become the boot drive, relegating the "spinner" (1 TB, 7200 rpm WDC) to storage/backup.

Again, the main question's highlighted above but don't be shy - thanks... Steve

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