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Old 24th November 2019
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Update on my research for a 2nd DAW:

Visibility was always a big concern for me (and it was something I never considered as to be good in ProTools. Workable, yes, but good? No. ). If you have several Cues in one session and over 100 tracks, easy, fast and more important intelligent organization would be a key feature, wouldn't it. And let's face it, the way that works in Nuendo is second to none. I would have not expected such clever features. You can even program visibility agents. Show tracks that have active datas in your current cycle locator! Show tracks that have datas on your cursor locator. In ProTools, if you are on the software without a good controller, you would have to program memory locations for visibility, which takes a lot of time and you don't get much love by the assistant that you have chosen to get that job done. As soon as you duplicate or add tracks, you should not forget to update, but you will forget. Well that thing here is clearly way better on Nuendo, nice one.

As for my Lab-top System, which I use to teach students mostly, I think it already is rather sure that this will be Nuendo. I also tested Reaper and Studio One. Studio one is not enough powerful in terms of automation and Reaper seems to be a DAW that can do a lot, but you have to custom it a lot and I never really came into a level I was fast. With Nuendo I was able to mix a Jazz-Song right away and whatever I needed to know I found very fast in the online manual. Similar to ProTools, a professional mixer can work fast in Nuendo, and that too is a key feature for me.