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Hardware Takaab 2VCA - Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier for Eurorack

The Takaab 2VCA is an affordable dual linear voltage controlled amplifier for eurorack modular systems, based on the LM31700 chip. In contrast to our other VCA model (the VCA-2180), the 2VCA has a near linear response, is pre-offset to be normally closed, and best of all there are two of them! It also fits into 3HP of your rack.

A positive voltage applied to the CV input will amplify any signal put through the 2VCA at more-or-less unity gain. So a +/-5V audio signal will be amplified to 5V if there is a +5V applied to the CV input. The 2VCA is DC coupled so it can be used to amplify voltages as well as audio signals.