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Old 23rd November 2019
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I honestly find Samplitude Pro X4 [Suite] far more usable for EDM and Loop Arranging than Cakewalk by BandLab.

The marker system in that DAW is terrible, and uses loops adds tons of unnecessary markers to your ruler. Deleting them is not trivial unless you have the Marker Panel open in the Multi-Dock. You can only dock it there. I hate how docking works in Cakewalk.

Honestly, if you do EDM or Loop-based music, ACID Pro is a far better workflow than Cakewalk by BandLab.

That DAW feels like it hasn't seen development for 15 years.

For people just starting out, unless they need good audio editing, then it's fine to default to Cakewalk by BandLab. It's definitely more usable - out of the box - than REAPER, for that crowd.

But you can get Samplitude Pro X4 Suite for $150, so if you're serious about making music, you probably should consider that if you're on Windows.

That way, you only have to worry about getting a few decent Synths and Utilities (Serum, Cthulu, etc.). Samplitude has all of the basic audio/mixing plugins you'd need, ships with about 4.3GB of Loops, and the Independence 70GB Sample Library is better than most Stock libraries (Kontakt Factory, Studio One Pro Presence XT, Structure 2, Cubase 10 Halion Factory, etc.).

If all you do is record your voice and a guitar into the DAW, then Cakewalk is probably fine. It ships with a decent Vocal Strip, too.

For EDM, I would literally use ACID Pro before I touched SONAR/Cakewalk. It is that much of a workflow/usability nightmare for that stuff.