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I track close mic'd vocals without EQ or compression on the way in, and I control proximity effect ITB with transparent EQs and then afterwards I control dynamics.
Why fix it afterwards? Back off an inch or 2.
I like the results I'm getting but what would be the old school approach (when it was all analog) to tame the proximity effect?.
If you like the results, there is no taming it, right?
In the recording stage, if you are hearing something that you do not like, like the proximity effect, then you would just back off the mic a bit.

If its was something you overlooked int recording stage and now thew vocal is too 'basy' form the 'proximity effect', then there can be 1,000 ways to deal with it. I would analyze the vocal in the context of the entire mix and then use every tool i have at my exposure to make it sound its best. It can be as simple as placing a high p[ass filter on it or as complicated as adding 4 different effects to it.
Every situation like the proximity effect doesn't have a one fix for all.