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Here for the gear

Concrete slab on spring isolators is not an option because of its weight. It would be best as it is a single block of mass with minimum bending.

Machine legs are spaced 120 cm (4 ft) x 90 cm (3 ft). I am achieving 0.03 mm (0.001") accuracy. With heavy gantry moving around table, if the machine is placed on 4 separate spring isolators, I suspect some undesired deflection/warpage of frame might occur, consequently transfered to machine itself. Even more, with rapid acceleration/deacceleration especially in repetitive short movements, machine is prone to resonate. I wish I could add more mass to frame. All I can do is to cut less agresive as a workaround.

@ JayPee , I have tried the app. Attaching picture to this post.
Graph on the left - machine in idle state, phone placed on working surface.
Graph in the center - machine cutting aluminum, phone placed on working surface.
Grap on the right - machine cutting aluminum, phone placed on floor next to one of the legs.

No idea on reading accuracy, but the vibrations are definitely present. Comparing two graphs to the right, rubber feets do some decent dampening.

Would adding more rubber pads, maybe with different hardness, help?

If I build floor joist grid and place it on many rubber pads (I have seen U-boat pads in this forum), would be vibrations distributed over the grid and dampen to higher degree by those pads underneath?

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