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I prefer to track vocals close mic'ed because I like to add the early reflections with algorithmic reverbs. That way I'm not stuck forever with a vocal take with ambience that I probably don't want in the mix, because you know, there's halls, rooms, chambers, etc, and they all give different feels and texture.

Also the level of the ambience makes a difference in the presentation of the vocal. Sometimes you want a dry presentation, other times, a little wet makes sense for the song.
You can still get a pretty dry vocal from a few inches back, just out of the proximity zone. It doesn’t take much. Like even six inches, attach a pop filter to keep the singer at the correct spot. I too use a lot of digital and analog reverbs and it’s never an issue. If for some reason your room is crazy reflective, like if it’s in a home, non-treated, space, you can kill any extra reflections easily by draping a few blankets over mic booms or whatever you have handy. But my point is with just a little bit of experimentation I’m confident you really can get the source closer to your desired sound without recording something right off the bat that you know you’re going to have to eq to make useable.