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Atleast with the S6, you can stack multiple Eucon commands and key commands to each softkey.

As for the other question, I have a button on my s6 setup to Write to selected and exit preview with on Press and that is a pretty simple example.

Yes, on the S6 there are some nice things. But I mix music mostly and decided to not replace my D-Control 32 ES (that had a lot of great "Macro's", if you want to say so on the soft-keys) with an S6, but rather I decided to go with a large analog Cadac G Console, that I also use for LCR mixing or the orchestras. It is pain in the ass to print all the Stems, but we go for that additional effort, at least at the moment. That said, I am forced to use an S3 with a Dock, as that is the maximum size of Controllers that I can have on the console. Fact is, that there are some things missing for my workflow. Not a big deal, but just why I am open to try other stuff. Well knowing that most likely there won't be any chance to mix a 250 track or more scoring session in a native DAW, even not with a new Mac Pro. Here is where ProTools HDXII System is hard to be beaten.