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Old 22nd November 2019
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What Turntable are you using?

Hey everyone,
What turntable are you using for your vinyl archiving projects?

I have a Technics 1210 M5G that has sentimental value to me, and I've read a lot about modifications to the Technics line that you can do to really take it up a notch (or several, depending on which audiophile is writing). But for the $1000 or so of mods I could do, I'm wondering if I should just maybe look at selling the 1210 and get something else that's just as good, or superior, right out of the box.

I have yet to learn what all the factors are that makes a turntable up to snuff for the best possible vinyl transfers. So I'd love to learn what people use, and if there are any widely accepted favorites.

What do you use?