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Did you listen to the music or just read the lyrics?
I read the lyrics at least 3 times through. I read parts of it several times - because I was having more trouble in some spots than other spots - and I tend to do that anyway.

I did not listen to the music, only read the lyrics.

What part didn't work for you?
I will often walk up to a keyboard and push down on some number of random keys all at once, as if to play a complex way-outside chord. Then I do a few things. Here are a couple:
  1. I try to think of where that chord will fit into some tune I already know. Interestingly no matter how bizarre the chord sounds in isolation, I always find a tune where it is the perfect fit.
  2. I take the individual notes from the chord and try to find some great [great for me, at least] melody. I always can. And I usually find other wonderful melodies from tunes I already know.

Success with these exercises is not a result of talent, it is because the music was always there in those notes just waiting to be [re]discovered.

Some of your lyrics could work for me, but I think we are at a similar level where I would have to invest time to play with them.

Did you understand the story?
I did take note of the line: 'An account of a sharing at a Men’s Anger Group', and read the lyrics in that context. But I didn't understand what you were trying to accomplish with them, for me.

I expect I was never intended to be one of the people you are trying to help with the song. . .so it just didn't resonate with much of anything for me, personally. This isn't the only reason for the questions though. I ask myself similar questions when I am trying to compose most anything.

Was it just aversion to the subject material?
Well, there was [for me] an aversion to the subject material. But I don't think it was just that.

As to notions of audience, I think it useful for creatives to be explicit about this - even if the audience is just yourself [as it often has been for me], or others you want to help. And I'm interpreting your response as a 1st layer answer to my question. The question was much less concerned with thinking about genres or large audiences.

Best wishes,

Ray H.