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Thanks for the response.

Ok, it's a dangerous song, my only one.
Some years ago I joined a mens anger group.
One day a very upset guy came in and told that story, ok I added a little drama.

It was the best thing I learned in the class, a parable of loss of self control.
And that guy was not a one off.
I wanted to help some people with the song, as the story helped me.

Audience, don't know, I don't write to targets (maybe I should), I'm working on my own therapy, and trying to create something new.
I know of no other song like this, about a violent incident (is this really a taboo subject?), loose connection to Cash's Folsom Prison but I didn't think about at all.

I you don't mind a few questions for you,

Did you listen to the music or just read the lyrics?
What part didn't work for you, and did you understand the story?
If so was it just aversion to the subject material, my wife hates it, lol.

Thanks for your help.