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One way to look at it... is the reason you register a copyright is to either sue someone or protect your intellectual property. And the major thing is for you to say this particular property was filed at so and so date. With that being said - I would just send in what I had - cd - a demo - sheet music - what ever... (as well as documenting it on on my side - photo of me putting into an envelope addressed to the Copyright Office) what ever suits you fancy.

It is much like having something notarized - and entered in the clerks office at court. The notary is NOT notarizing and signing to the fact that the document is true, Just that they are saying they are acting in an 'official capacity' and that you are you and said piece of paper is numbered and filed under my ability to act of the state. Same with the clerk - they just file it an give it a number. That's all.

If you are still up in the air or want to know today's current laws or recent addendums - I WOULD POST YOUR QUESTION up on (the AVVO site) it is the top site of lawyers and you can ask experts for free and they will respond quickly - I have used this extensively in my life) in fact they probably have your question already posted. let us know ~ luck