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Ok, the subject matter and most of the content doesn't work for me at all. So, perhaps a few questions would be the most useful critique I can contribute. Keep in mind that I mean no offense by them. They are questions I ask myself.

Why are you creating this? Why is it important to you?

Who exactly is your audience?

Why will this set of lyrics be of high value to them?

In media, most people want to be entertained, inspired and/or informed. How specifically does this set of lyrics accomplish that? To what extent does it succeed? Mildly or big-time or not at all?

Think of the previous question in terms of other art you love - not just other lyrics. For example, what movies do you love? Have you mapped out the emotional journey you experience when watching those movies? How will your lyrics compare to such a ride in the minds of your audience?

What do you want to accomplish in life? What is important to you?

Hope this helps,

Ray H.