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Yes, it's even better than that. The new WAVES Central allows for some pretty clever combos.

ie. I have Mercury, but I also depend on Studiorack/Soundgrid (which is not 64bit...yet. V 9.2.0).
So, as part of the upgrade to V11, Infected Mushroom Pusher was added to Mercury.

So, if you go into the "Install Products tab and choose "All Products", then click on "Infected Mushroom Pusher" it allows you to install the individual plugin (V11). It won't work in StudioRack...yet, but it will work in nearly everything else.

So, anything I need to use in StudioRack, I simply leave at V 10.

Also, if you go into the Settings tab of WAVES Central, you have options for cleaning up various versions of plugins too.
This is a great new feature, and Waves Central makes it easier than ever. I do find the UI slightly confusing, I'm hoping they make it even more seamless.

The other issue is there's no way (at least from what I saw while looking around), to uninstall individual plugins or bundles once they're installed. The uninstallation option under 'Settings' only allows you to uninstall all of V10 or all of V11. So if you accidentally install V11 for something you wanna keep in V10, you're gonna have to uninstall all V11 plugs, reinstall version 10, and then carefully upgrade exactly what you want to be V11 over again.

This may be by design; trying to make it harder for people to keep different versions of things running side by side so they continue upgrading. But maybe they'll embrace this and make it easier for us.