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Old 1st November 2002
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That Sony ATC demo rig is the most amazingly over the top setup you could have.

5 x SCM-300?!! The number refers to Litres in the Cabinet. My 50s are pretty loud and spectacular (They couldn't be described as nearfields), my best friends 100s are exactly the same, but louder.

Couple those 5 x 300s with 4 subs and I have no idea how much damage they could do to anyone within half a mile..

That's the key thing about ATCs, (And why LucasSound/Skywalker Ranch has them in every room) is that from the smallest SCM-10 to the SCM-300s they have almost exactly (To all intents and purposes exactly) response.

I bought my 50s for £1500 S/H, and spend £1000 at ATC getting them renovated (Not easy if you are in the USA), they are currently listing at nearly $12k a pair.. yuktyy yuktyy

You do owe it to yourself to check them out..