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You can copyright 10 songs for $55 - explained below. - the biggest caveat is they have to have the same release date...$35

If you just due you due diligence it is no big deal... poor mans copyright then document witness if you can; store it away. Register 10 songs as a collective work. You can also register the lyrics words as poems - making the slightest of changes. (but it is another form of copyright - you are kind of stepping on your own rights though... such as taking 100 songs including the 10 from the collective work and making a book out of it as a compilation or arrangement of writings etc.) If you ever sell a song you should let them know immediately!

Then register with PRO - -

The other option here is to register is ISRC first so you can apply your own tracking numbers yourself (and you can give the #s to soundcloud etc) soundscan nielson blah blah blah. And yea it would be nice to get your own UPC codes too if you want to chart - such as Billboard 200 album chart (guess here... presale/preorders 1000 albums within 6 weeks and crack the charts).... I always take the most control I can and let the experts do ONLY what they do best.
Oh yes, I have my own UPC codes too, but I think you are posting way above the OP's knowledge, he is till figuring out how to do the most basic things, Like filling out a copyright form.