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I will have a look at those spring based isolators. Machine itself weights 150 kg (325 lb). Another 150 kg (325 lb) is the sturdy steel base from large RHS tubes. If located in a regular workshop, I'd fill tubes with sand to get another mass. I think I have never seen CNC machines on spring loaded feets. Point is to have as rigid base and machine as possible. Is it possible that springs start to resonate in very specific conditions?
Yeah that's a good point, if the CNC movement is a little jerky, the isolated stand etc will rebound a bit when it changes directions...My understanding is that when you isolate something like this, the heavier the isolated object/deck/machine is, the less bouncy it will be- assuming that all the isolators are loaded to near their max deflection (eg tuned to the same infrasonic frequency).

The problem then that you have, is that in order to achieve mechanical isolation from the floor and have as rigid as possible of a stand/deck, the floated part will then need to be extremely heavy. Like slab of concrete on isolators heavy. At this point the slab becomes the primary driver of weight and the weight of the actual machine is fairly insignificant.

That said the heaviest things I've used the isolators for is only a couple hundred pounds- in this range, it will be bouncy enough to push it around with one finger finger...

It would be cool if one of the pros could chime in on that. My read of the situation is that the main thing you need here is mechanical isolation, more-so than room in a room. That's a somewhat educated guess though.