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Here for the gear

Many thanks for all comments.

Originally Posted by JayPee

About vibration : it's not because you don't feel them that they are not going through structures.
Please, can you rephrase your comment? I do not understand it. Do you mean, I don't feel vibrations when touching floor because vibrations did not go through rubber feets?

@ JayPee
@ RyanC
I will have a look at those spring based isolators. Machine itself weights 150 kg (325 lb). Another 150 kg (325 lb) is the sturdy steel base from large RHS tubes. If located in a regular workshop, I'd fill tubes with sand to get another mass. I think I have never seen CNC machines on spring loaded feets. Point is to have as rigid base and machine as possible. Is it possible that springs start to resonate in very specific conditions?

@ Jason Foi
I have already found and read that document. You are right! Now I have realised. I have designed two separated air chambers, thus a 3 leaf system. Shame on me.

Machine enclosure has been on my to-do list for very long time. Having the machine for almost four years I realised that I need access to a workpiece during machining. I do not have an industrial grade vacuum for workholding, 10" dust collection, chip blower, lubrication system etc. I do these tasks manualy. The enclosure would be open most of the time.

Another reason for room soundproofing - I use another hand power tools (drill, saw, sander etc.) for example to divide stock material to smaller pieces before cnc machining or to finish a machined piece. Having the room soundproofed, I would be happier.

Anyway, considering machine area load violating rule #2 , I must use floor joists to distribute the load. I can use spring loaded feets afterwards on new "floating" floor.

I need to remove one leaf. I can remove remove mass resiliently attached to concrete walls/ceiling, or I can remove decoupled walls/ceiling thus removing the entire RWAR. What to remove? Which option would provide higher TL?
Two drywall layers on clip/hat channel on concrete walls/ceiling versus two drywall layer RWAR?

Have you listened to that audio and analysed it? I am right saying the <200 Hz range is not my concern?

Btw, someone interested to see one of my works related to music world?