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Hello, kinda freakin out...

I have Pro Tools 11 with an iLok 2 that has all of my licenses on it. I recently upgraded to Mac OS El Capitan and now my Pro Tools 11 will not launch. What is the best method for me to fix this? I bought Pro Tools 10/11 as a hard copy about 6 years ago from Guitar Center. I am up for doing the monthly subscription with Avid for $29.99/per month, I am just confused on which version I need to get and how to do this.

Can someone help walk me through the steps so I don't mess anything up? I have invested a lot of money into my plug-ins from tons of companies and I am in the middle of recording sessions. Will the new version of Pro Tools still read my Pro Tools 11 .ptx files and work with my iLok 2?

I am a really bummed about upgrading my OS. My MacBook Pro is from around 2014/2015 I think, and still works great otherwise.

Thanks a million,

What exactly do you mean by PT won't launch since you went to El Crapitan? While the last considered compatible OSX with PT 11 is OSX 10.10.5 for a long time I ran PT 11.3.2 with OSX 10.12.6 aka Sierra. The only issue is/was I couldn't import audio via the menu item but via drag and drop from OSX Finder. There's something else going on if you truly can't start PT 11. BTW what exact version of PT 11 do you have? You should have PT 11.3.1 in your Avid account.

What exact Mac do you have? That's important in this discussion. Also does it have USB3 ports? iLoks have been known to have issues working with USB3 ports. The usual remedy is to use a powered USB hub between the iLok and computer.

If you don't want to go the monthly subscription deal you have several options. The first and cheapest is to grab a full installer of OSX 10.12.6 or OSX 10.10.5. I have to ask why did you go to El Crapitan? It's the worst OSX Apple ever delivered. You did backup your system before you went to EC right? You really need to rid yourself of EC - period. Until you do that you're just wasting time and possibly money.

Now the monthly subscription only gets you a license asset for PT 2019.x. The minimum OSX for that is OSX 10.12.6 If you go the reinstatement route of $299 you get license assets for PT 10/11/12/2019 and that license works with no expiration date.