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Atleast with the S6, you can stack multiple Eucon commands and key commands to each softkey.

As for the other question, I have a button on my s6 setup to Write to selected and exit preview with on Press and that is a pretty simple example.


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How would you program macros with Econ on an iPad? Did I miss something? Lets say I want a macro that turns on my Group with the ID Key a. As far as I understand, EU Control gives you what they give you. Not more and not less.

Soundflower sounds interessting, I have to test that one! The question is: will it let me program things that I need or do they provide you with some programmed things?
Ie the command: "write automation to see and disable preview", that won't work in ProTools, as it is busy. If you are in dynamic transport mode (which most would be) and use this command, it would write it to the loop selection as long as there is any selection in the timeline (even at another length), but if there is no selection it writes it accidentally to the entire session. So the command would have to be edited, so that it writes to all on stop (that one always works) and then disables preview. Would that work?