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So happy to hear this!

Yes, I've noted the same thing: at low ratios, Mantis is especially gracious to low frequencies, to the point that you don't have to reach for the HP sidechain filter as often as you would with a typical compressor.

Maybe that's because in my other life I play double bass for a living...
Interesting, I mainly use Mantis to deal with double bass and piano. They are both challenging instruments for different reasons, double bass has a tendency to have very erratic performance dynamics that are challenging to preserve (articulation is rarely even through the performance, and it is almost a treat to get some form of clean finger noise).

I usually find a setting on Mantis by dialling in the attack and release at higher rations, then relax it back to 1.5. 1.5 is pretty much perfect for all the jazz I through at it.

The way it preserves low end makes it incredibly useful as a piano compressor - melody lines don't trigger excessive compression of supporting chords.