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Sounds like a great idea. If you do replace your mixer, look for a used digital one - the ability to have parametric EQ and dynamics on each channel is great. I started with a 1202, then upgraded to a 1402, then a 1642 with a rack of gear - then bought a used 01v. It was a PITA to learn, but cut down the gear to just the mixer. I then upgraded to a Mackie DL1608 since I already had an iPad, and now I own that, and have sold off the rest - sub, giant snake, etc. All were bought used except for the original 1202, which was also my recording mixer at the time.
What's the point or particular advantage of getting a used low-cost digital mixer, instead of just getting a new/modern low-cost digital mixer...? An expensive mixer I understand, but a secondhand low-cost mixer today?