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Here for the gear

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Hey man logged in just to respond. Note I haven’t used Maschine in a looooong time. When I say “sped up” you could also say “pitched up.” Just go up a few semi tones from the original sample when you sample it. Then put it in SP mode and pitch it back down to the original semi tone.
thank you for logging back in to respond!

i just want to make sure i got it right...

1. load my sample up
2. pitch up a few semitones (let's say +2 for example) in the stretch mode, before messing with the engine mode
3. then change the engine mode from "standard" to "S1200" (the Maschine SP1200 emulator)
4. once that's done, go back to stretch mode and turn the sample back down (in this case -2 semitones) and apply