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Copyrighting songs/albums

Would like to hear from someone who's done this or in the process. I went to and did some reading. I'm not about to submit one but helping someone investigate for a submission. What I know so far, I think:

- There are 2 kinds of copyrights - one for a composition, one for a specific recording of it - but you can submit for a copyright of both in one submission if it's the same artist

- If submitting more than one work (I took to mean more than one album, but could apply to more than one song if you are submitting individual songs vs album I think), it's $55 per work (that sucks; I don't think it used to be like that)

- Online is better for a variety of reasons, but even so, you still need to send a hard copy (sheet music and/or CD I guess?), which IMO is stupid but hey it's the govt

What isn't clear to me on the site (or elsewhere) yet:

? Can anyone confirm if you can submit more than one album as a collective work (like a "box set") for one "standard" copyright? Or must it be per album?

? If it's per album, can't you just submit the "single" copyright for each ($35)?

? What is required to submit if you're copyrighting the composition as well as the recording beyond the recording itself, i.e. sheet music (which I'm not sure I have the capability to do fully with software) with lyrics, anything else?

? Am I dreaming to think it's as simple as filling out the form, attaching the files, and clicking submit (with payment) ?