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Virtual gobo technique..

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Yeah, it's difficult to see. I always thought a baby grand's dimensions are between just under five feet long to just under 6 feet long with a width of five feet.

In any event, a B would have definitely been too big for your room.

As you can see in that first Jon Batiste image I posted, the drums were closer to Jon's piano than they appear in you image. I had no physical baffles, blankets or gobos, yet we got a killer isolation and that "good leakage" you would want to have in a closeup environment like that. It's all about my, "Virtual Gobo" technique. It works most of the time.

I'd love for you to listen to the raw tracks from that gig, with no EQ, gates, or compressors, just panning and volume levels. It's an excellent starting point for a mix because I took care of all the issues during the origination.

In time I'm sure you will grow and eventually find the right space for your projects. In the meantime, don't let that small room stop you from getting a big sound!

What say you?
Hey Steve!

I’m looking for an information about your virtual gobo technique.
So, let’s say I place a piano and let drummer play a but.
Then I listening drums and walking around piano and find a good spot(less drum sound) by my ear? Is it what would you refer as virtual gobo technique?

Curious about it, since I’ve been reading and searching your virtual gobo technique but dont think I totally understood.

This sat have some free time so I called my student that will playing some drums while I miking piano and listen back. Quiet excited because I can experiment with another person since it’s been hard for me cuz I have to do everything by myself.