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Well, that's kind of the style of Lo-Fi hip hop, though. It's supposed to be somewhat minimalist, simple, laid-back, and straightforward. It's not supposed to be super technical and advanced. Again, obviously not everyone's style. Might not be up your guys' alley, but that's okay. Everyone has different tastes.
I'm totally aware of 'lo-fi hip hop'.
Most modern music is about very skilled sound design, very skilled arrangement, and very skilled arrangement choices. Your uber simplistic 'lo-fi hip hop' would be fine if it had an incredible vocal performance with killer lyrics. as it is, it just has a bog standard drum beat (and sounds) and a simple and standard chord sequence played on the first beat of every bar by a bog standard piano sound.

You are chasing the wrong skill set by stressing over the minutiae of the drum sound. You need to skill yourself up on killer songwriting, arranging and sound design. Watch a bunch of online video tutorials on 'Lo-Fi Hip Hop'.
It's NOT at all about 'super technical and advanced'. The more stripped back and simple your hip hop is, the MORE it has to have engaging parts and interesting sounds.