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Old 18th November 2019
Vocal riding is tried and true. If you don't have a fader, a knob will do. You can also sketch out an envelope that's roughly the inverse of the shape of the sound wave amplitude if you don't have any control interfaces, but getting a single fader or something like a Korg nanoKontrol is a good ROI.

After getting close, you'll want compression in your processing chain. Remember vocals are a delicate waveform, it's better to do multiple low impact (<-2dB) compressors than trying to crush it into submission in one go. Try getting the really bad peaks under control on one stage with a very light but fast setting, and then a more subtle overall control with a slower response and a little harder knee on another (order here is a matter of debate, but treat them separately).

Also look at what frequencies are actually spiking. Singers often go louder to hit notes at the ends of their range.

You can also work on mic skills with your singer.