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Sampler is going to win widest tonal palette, but a better question IMO would be “most flexible tonal palette”, based on how many real-time control axes a sound has (ie, pitch, volume, Fc, resonance, filter balance, etc). Samples are pretty fixed aside from filtering unless you have things like FM (which tends to like simple waves more than complex waveforms) or transwaves. Wavetables, FM, RM, waveshaping, wavemixing, additive synthesis, filter morphing, and so on are all good examples of ways to add real-time timbral variation.

I think the Quantum and the Moog One both rank pretty highly; the Quantum has more flexible oscillators and the One has more capable filters. The Solaris and Schmidt are also super flexible. Things get even more complicated when you look at ROMpler workstations with variable architectures, starting with the Kuzweil K2000 family and continuing with recent flagships from Korg, Yamaha, and Roland.

Ultimately the question that really matters is “which polysynth does the best job of allowing you to create the sounds that you want to hear?”