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I use hardware sequencers in different forms because PCs and Macs don't run tight. They have to handle so many tasks at the same time, the microtiming is total crap. And in electronic music timing is everything.

my pc runs midi as tight as an atari in tests but due to the setup i have which is tested for that by multiple people , it depends on your setup , i have no problem with micro timing , i should point out i made electronic music 30 years and owned everything for Mpc's to Asq 10 to Cirklon , Ocoipus , sequencers , i know their strengths and their timing and
what your saying but i also know you can get very tight timing from certain solutions in daw

Electronic music includes genres like ambient which do not rely on microtiming so much so again thats a generalisation based on your own bias

You make a lot of sweeping statements which are not true in every circumstance.

There is no one key