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I think it is about the DAD/Avid agreement for distribution/re-branding. The slightly different firmware handshake to the Pro Tools system is how the units are read. They should really find a way to grandfather in AX32 with digilink connectors. We have a few mixed systems at the studio (AX32 units bought before there was the MTRX and then MTRX units afterward.) It's annoying if hardware gets swapped around. Or at least allow the AX32 to "emulate" the MTRX as an option. I know that before the MTRX option was available in Pro Tools the HD MADI emulation for the port had considerably less delay than the HD I/O emulation. (Also made more sense in the I/O setup window since both the HD MADI and MTRX present as 64 input/output.)
I completely agree.
Also there's a weird sample offset between ch1-8 and 9-16 per 16 channels in the HD I/O emulation of the AX32. Probably because in the original HD I/O had ch9-16 as a sub connection.